House Plants

House Plants

While fall is the time Propagation and Donated Plants are busy taking cuttings or dividing perennials, it is also the time to do the same with your overgrown houseplants!

Please keep your divisions, pot them up and place them on your windowsill until a few days before the Plant Sale. To get enough growth, you need to make these divisions in the next in the next month or so. A nicer fuller plant sells – but a scrawny one usually doesn’t.

Plant Identification. If you cannot find your plant in the columns below, you can try to identify the plant yourself with the help of . You simply ‘drag and drop’ a picture of your plant on their site and in a few seconds, they give you back the plant name with a confidence level of the identification. It is easy and fun. Give it a try!

Plant ID Assist. If you’ve tried the Pl@ntNet website and still aren’t sure you have the right information, you can send us your plant picture with comments and we’ll help.

Complete Form. Once you have the information, print and complete this form for House Plants.

House plant donations are different from the Propagation Groups and Donated Plants because all the divisions/cuttings, etc., are done by MG’s at home and are grown in their home. We do not have space in the Propagation Greenhouse or the Hoop House where 4000 tomatoes are being grown!

Pot according to the size of your plants. We can offer 4” pots and quarts if you need them.

We do not accept plants potted in plastic cups, but will accept plants in clay pots or an ornamental pot based on the plant’s requirements. Bring your great donations with an identification tag to the Victoria Room a few days before the sale.  At that time, you will be asked to complete a House Plant Donation form. We will use your information to make a label for each plant.

Red Orchid Cactus

Disocatus ackermanii

  • Tropical cactus plant which can grow 4’ wide
  • Propagate by cutting off offshoots

African Violets

Saintpaulia hybrid

  • Succulent with thick, hairy leaves and flowers in panicles above them
  • Propagate via leaf cuttings 

Prayer Plant

Maranta leuconeura

  • Decorative leaves flat during day but fold up at night
  • Divide plants at their roots

Birds Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus

  • Easy to grow fern in damp soil
  • Can divide fronds with some stem attached


Epipremnum aureum

  • Vine-like, Idiot-proof plant to grow but can be toxic to dogs and cats
  • Propagate by stem cuttings

Lofty Fig

Ficus Altissima

  • Tree with oblong leaves can grow 6’ indoors
  • Propagate via leaf cuttings